Testing MSM1 sound music voice module.

Testing MSM1 sound music voice module.

MSM1 is intelligent 38 Sound module with Built-in 0.5W audio amplifier, MSM1 can be used stand alone, and also it can be easily used with arduino board just with one wire. To connect it you just need one wire to any arduino digital pin, optional capacitor value 47uF to 1000uF on VCC to MSM1, a speaker 0.25W, suitable is 0.5W 8 ohm, it can also work with 1W speaker. MSM1 have builtin 0.5W Audio amplifier. to further amplify the sound of MSM1 one can use transistors or audio amplifier module, but with 0.5 W 8 ohm speaker the sound is pretty loud and clear.
there are countless application for MSM1, it is widely used in toys, vehicles, home appliances, medical appliances, door bells, FYP projects, mini projects, security modules etc…

MSM1 contain below 38 sounds
16Ding dong asalam o alikom.wav
17Door bell.wav
18ding dong loud door bell.wav
19Air flow music.wav
25good afternoon
26good morning
27good night
29battery low
30bell service desk press
31bell service disk ring slightly broken
33device connect
34device disconnect
35Error device failed to connect
37Thank you human voice call centre telephone recording

components needed for testing out the MSM1 1: MSM1 sound module 2: 0.5W 8 ohm Speaker3: A Capacitor of value 100uF to 1000uF (optional)4: Connecting wires
MSM1 have 8 pins which are
MSM1 Pin1 = NC (No connected)MSM1 Pin2 = NC (No connected)MSM1 Pin3 = Input data pin for MSM1, which goes to arduino digital pin 8 in diagram aboveMSM1 Pin4 = Speaker pin 4 and 5 of MSM1 are speakers pinMSM1 Pin5 = SpeakerMSM1 Pin6 = VCC pin suitable voltage is 4 to 5V DCMSM1 Pin7 = GNDMSM1 Pin8 = NC (No connected)
1: Connect speaker to MSM1 pin 4 and 52: Connect MSM1 pin 3 to arduino digital pin 8, (you can use any arduino digital pin remember to change it in software also)3: Connect MSM1 pin 6 to 5V arduino4: Connect MSM1 pin 7 to Arduino GND 5: Connect a capacitor between VCC and GND of MSM1 which are pin 6 and 7.

for the software part you need to download MSM1 Arduino Library if you do not how to install arduino library Here is how you can do itafter installing the arduino library open arduino IDE, click on 1: File 2: Examples 3: Find MSM1 and then 4: click on MSM1_E1_test

in the video above i have connected an LED in series with 1k resistor to glow when speaker sounds.
In the above arduino sketch int volume is the volume for MSM1 which can you can from 1 to 7, 1 is low sound if you set it to 7 sound will be loud from MSM1.MSM1 MSM1(8); here 8 is the arduino pin for MSM1 you can change it if you to connect MSM1 to another arduino digital pin.in the loop MSM1.track(30); 30 is track number on MSM1 module, change the play different sound. you can enter a value from 0 to 38 because MSM1 have total 38 sounds.Copy below code and Upload it you will be able to sound the MSM1 and test you first example.
#include <MSM1.h> //This Library is created by Naseer khan for Megatronics.pk 22/6/2018int volume=7; // Minimum speaker volume value = 1, Maximum value = 7. MSM1 MSM1(8); //Arduino Pin to connect Meggatronics Sound Module 1
void setup(){  MSM1.track=volume+223; MSM1.play(); // configure volume.}
void loop(){ MSM1.track=30; //Track number to play in this case its track 30  MSM1.play(); //Play it   delay(5000); }

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