Hello world MLCD1.0 display text using Arduino UNO.

Hello world MLCD1.0 display text using Arduino UNO.

Here is the very example to show you how you can print text on the MLCD1.0, the LCD is a 96 x 68 pixel display and we can display text or monochrome graphics of 96 x 68 pixels, X position is 0 to 95 maximum and Y position is 0 to 67 maximum.

here is the parts you will need.
1: LCD http://www.arduinopak.com/Prd_Detail.aspx?Prd_ID=21261
2: Arduino http://www.arduinopak.com/Prd_Detail.aspx?Prd_ID=21071
3: http://www.arduinopak.com/Prd_Detail.aspx?Prd_ID=17351

1: 5V connected to Arduino 5V can also be connected to 3.3V
2: GND to Arduino GND
3: RST of LCD connected to Arduino Pin 7
4: MISO connected to Arduino Pin 6
5: SCK of LCD connected with Arduino Pin 5
6: MOSI is connected to Pin 4 of Arduino

if you don’t have the library for this LCD you can download Here
unzip the downloaded file and and copy to arduino libraries folder, here is how you can do this. 

open arduino IDE, go to Examples and then find Megatronics_PK_LCD and select the Hello world example.

LCD.print(1,24,1, “Megatronics.pk”): first 1 integer is Pixel X Position on LCD, second integer is Pixel Y position and last integer is Color of Text if its 1 it will be Black Text on LCD and if it is 0 it will be empty or no color on LCD then you must use black color background on LCD.
in this example Every character is 7×5 pixel 7 Y = height and 5 = width.

Upload the sketch and you will be able to see the Text. the LCD work great with both 5V and 3.3V Arduino boards.

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